• Amanda LaBelle, Esq.

Mediation: Don't Knock It Until You Try It.

I am excited to add private mediation to the services offered by my firm.

Mediation is where a neutral third party (the mediator) helps both sides discuss their issues and reach a resolution. Parties have the opportunity to describe to the mediator and possibly each other their issues, their interests, understandings, and feelings. Some court proceedings, such as family matters and evictions, have mandated mediation but there is also private mediation. Private mediation is not required by the courts but can be an effective tool to reaching an agreement ahead of the court process which in some situations can save time and money. It's important to understand that in either court mandated mediation or private mediation, the mediator does not have the power to make a decision for either party, but can help to find a resolution that acceptable by both sides.

Mediation could be a game changer for some relationships, especially those that require ongoing and frequent contact like co-parenting relationships. In family cases, parents that are able to resolve their issues by agreement are less likely to be involved in future court proceedings. And lets be honest, less fighting is always good for children and our own mental sanity. Mediation is not successful in every situation but don't knock it until you try it.

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