• Amanda LaBelle, Esq.

Court's re-opening plan brings some court events into the new age.

The courts in Maine will re-open in phases beginning June 1st. And, the court you will interact with may look a lot different than it did prior to COVID-19. The takeaway from the phased re-opening is that most events in a family case will be conducted by telephone or video. The court may, starting June 15th, schedule in-person hearings however, telephone and video will continue to be the preferred method of the court until at least early September. The court's plan also notes that even after they have fully re-opened video and telephone conferences will be the strongly preferred medium for all proceedings. The degree of which the court will utilize telephone and video remains to be seen and will likely vary from court to court. But, the court appears to have a plan to avoid future long-term disruptions to the court system again. And the way we used to think about "going to court" may have just received a significant jump into the new age.

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